There is no future without a past, present it, without all that long process of evolution, ideas of ingenuity. Thus was born the idea to group in 50 years of activity, evidence of the past, ophthalmic equipment coming from far away, even when ophthalmometer ambitions were lit with candles. Objects to which CSO has entrusted the task to tell their stories and to strip the clothes of simple still life composition. The slow collecting over time, but steady, has allowed today to reserve within the home, 3 large showcases, located in various areas, almost as a warning and thread, an incentive for anyone who steps in front of nel'innovazione continue without forgetting their roots and traditions. The magical resonance of history, a duty towards the future.

Our history

It's the story we're telling you about, the one that does the "success" of the past. The history of work behind a product, research. Extremely modern instrumentation, albeit a long time ago. This has over the years brought together a true collection of ophthalmic instruments of the time, nowadays carefully enclosed in teacups, from which you can see imagining the work of past engineers.

Measurement tools

Measuring instruments, evocative and mysterious. Observing them today drives us to want to understand every little function, especially if it is inexperienced.

Technology today

Today's technology, precision and constant research of high quality. CSO tools mirror the details of the past. Details of avant-garde and invariable loads over time.

Shapes and colors

Finding in front of forms and objects giving free space for interpretation. Diagnostic imprints imprinted on media like an old palette of colors. Genius and Creation.

Time Photos

Taking pictures of time. Accessories kept in small boxes, changing metal and faded colors. A world, that of the ophthalmic, which does not only stop at the diagnostic instrumentation but extends to any kind of optics.

Yesterday's technology

Our roots

It's the story we're telling you about, the one that does the "success" of the past.